World AIDS Day Candlelight Vigil & Walk

Every year, people from all walks of life, come to Hagan Park in Wilton Manors and walk down Wilton Drive, united in memories and love of people whom they have lost due to HIV/AIDS. This year is no different. On Sunday, December 1, at 6:30pm, our community is invited to share in this meaningful experience.

In Broward County, one in 78 people, over 13 years of age, are living with HIV. In America today, over 1.1 million individuals are living with HIV/AIDS and so many people still, are unaware of their status. This disease has taken over 636,000 people from us, and yet, in the United States, there are still thousands of people who cannot receive proper care. There are so many people who still think that HIV is a death sentence and are afraid to find out the truth. The stigma still exists that people living with HIV are not “clean” and that they are “sick.”

In reality, people living with HIV, who are getting the proper treatment and medications, are living long and healthy lives. If they take their medications and are undetectable, it has been proven that they cannot transmit the disease. With the recent U=U movement, meaning “undetectable equals untransmittable”, this is our new reality. It is more important today than ever, to get tested and know your status. You can enjoy a healthy and fulfilling life, even if you are HIV positive.

The goal of Broward House is to improve the quality of lives for individuals with chronic health challenges, including HIV, by providing them with opportunities for pathways to wellness, whether that is giving them access to medical help, bus passes to get to doctor’s appointments, assisting them in getting eyecare and glasses, or to provide them with their much-needed mental health care. This year’s Candlelight Vigil and Walk is sponsored by Clear Health Alliance, in association with Broward House.

We hope to see you all there for this incredibly important day of remembrance. For more information, or to RSVP, visit their Facebook Event page. For more information about Broward House, please visit

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