We’re Your Real Estate POWER Team!

We’re Experienced Business Professionals of “complementary” professions working together to provide unparalleled service.

Life changes happen all the time. Are you looking to buy or sell a home? Maybe do a little remodel, update that bath or kitchen, or need a major repair? Need a new roof? Is your electrical service underpowered, or maybe you want to improve the lighting in your home? Have you checked your insurance coverage and quotes recently? Perhaps it is time to refinance your current mortgage. Are pesky critters invading your home? Air conditioner not cooling as well as it should? Is your commercial space adequate for your business needs? Have a water leak and not sure where to turn for insurance advice? Maybe that insurance claim was denied and you need to turn to an attorney… Look no further than The Real Estate Power Team!

Click on any of the following people’s names to be taken directly to their website for ways to contact them or for more information about their businesses.

Stella Amador, Florida Quality Roofing, Owner

Sharon Podwol, Preferred Property Finder, Residential Realtor®

Jay Auerbach, Khani & Auerbach, Real Estate Attorney

Trevor Menear, Brightway Insurance, Agent

Erick Gonzalez, Advantage PA, Public Adjuster

John Kansman, Crossroads Electric, Electrician

Dorin Gabor, Dorin Building, LLC, General Contractor

Laurie Mindlin, loanDepot, Loan Consultant

Jesse Long, Legal Grit, Property Insurance Attorney

Joshua Deitchman, Level Realty, Commercial Realtor®

Angel Winters, Critter Control, Pest Control Specialist

Bela Fischer, Cool Control, Air Conditioning Expert

When you hire someone from our team… Not only are we each accountable to you, we are accountable to each other. The Real Estate Power Team is YOUR Team. You can follow The Real Estate Power Team on Facebook or look for their special three-page spread in OutClique Magazine‘s January issue.

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