History of Racist Comments by Adult Film Actor


An adult film actor is running for Wilton Manors City Commission, but his history in porn is not what has him in hot water. On Monday, June 8, Juan Melecio, who uses the stage name Antonio Biaggi, applied to run for a commission seat in the city of Wilton Manors. While this may be the second gayest city in the United States, the question of an adult film actor holding a seat in office is not in question, but what is, are his seemingly racist comments on social media.

Melecio had performed with Raging Stallion Studios around ten years ago, however he has not performed with any major studios since then, although he has still held a major following among adult film fans. In an interview with South Florida Gay News, Melecio says he is “a person with a really big opinion and I’m not afraid of change.”

Perhaps it is his “really big opinion” that is causing voters and those following this story to question his ability to hold a political position with the city of Wilton Manors. Competing for the two commission seats are Juan Melecio, Joseph Sansone, Jason Basilico, Chris Caputo, Doug Blevins and Michael Bracchi. The two seats are currently held by Commissioner Tom Green and Carson. Green has decided not to seek re-election. The terms of Commissioner Gary Resnick and Commissioner Paul Rolli expire in 2022.

Melecio has no political experience, although he has owned a barber shop in Wilton Manors, which he sold in 2019; however, it is not his professional experience that is in question. It is his racist sounding comments online that has people questioning whether or not he has the fortitude to be a public official.

Pictured here, are some of his comments on social media.

Watch the video of his interview with Qnews Tonight to see what his explanation is about these comments online, in his own words. Then, comment below and let us know what you think, if his comments were either racist or not, and why. Do you feel that he has the fortitude and self-control that is needed to hold public office in today’s society? Would you vote for someone who has no political record and a string of misfortune with social media?

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