Wilton Wings Owner Called Out On Social Media


Wilton Wings owner and registered Republican, Gary Bouvier, is accused of spitting in the face of The Pub’s long-time employee Shane Cullinan. On Friday, June 12, Bouvier was walking through The Pub without a mask on and per their guidelines, Cullinan asked Bouvier to put on his mask, at which point he responded by saying “You don’t know who I am and f**k off!” After a few minutes, Bouvier came up to the bar where Cullinan was working and he reportedly spat in the face of the bartender after exclaiming “You’ve messed with the wrong person!”

Under Florida law, a person who spits in another person’s face could be prosecuted for committing battery. For spitting in another person’s face, the battery is a misdemeanor and could result in probation or imprisonment up to one year. What is worse, if you have a confirmed case of COVID-19 and intentionally infect someone else – you may find yourself facing criminal charges or tangled in a lawsuit. The Wilton Manors Police Department has confirmed that they are working with Cullinan and the State Attorney’s Office and are conducting a criminal complaint review.

Cullinan says the bar has video of the exchange and the Wilton Manors Police Department was called. He also says that he plans to press charges against Bouvier. Cullinan said “Some of you may think this is all crap, but I had one of my best friends pass from [Covid-19] with no preexisting conditions. So it his home more for me.” Cullinan was close friends with Wilton Manors Police Officer Shannon Bennett, who passed away from Covid-19 recently.

Owner of the Calypso Inn in Wilton Manors, Wesley Leigh, says it is “so sad that employees and business owners that are enforcing the Covid-19 laws are so nastily abused by those who think they are above the law. We stand behind you Shane and The Pub.”

After reviewing all of the reviews on Yelp about Wilton Wings, and seeing the owner’s responses to negative reviews, it is clear that he has a serious customer service issue. All of the owner’s responses to negative reviews are rude and have no apologies at all. In most of the responses, he justifies his actions by explaining how the customer is wrong – even responding at one point, telling a customer to “Get a life!”

On June 16, at 6pm, Bouvier posted an apology to social media, which has been called out as “fake” by social media followers, accusing the Wilton Wings owner as “only doing it because his attorney told him to.” The comments have been harsh and understandably, this situation has angered many people in the community.

A Facebook page called “Boycott Wilton Wings & Stop Gary Bouvier From Assaulting Others” is criticizing Bouvier for his thoughtless actions and is calling for a complete boycott and shutdown of Wilton Wings. Do you feel the company should be boycotted? Do you believe this company is doing their best to provide a healthy environment when the owner is spitting in people’s faces? Comment below and let us know what you think.

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