Khoffner Brewery Moves To New Location

This past weekend, Khoffner Brewery in Fort Lauderdale, had their final “Kill The Keg” party at their old location, in preparations for their move to their new location at the Sistrunk Marketplace. While their brewing tanks will take some time to move into the new 40,000-square-foot complex, everyone is excited about this big move!

Their move to the new location is a sign that the area of Sistrunk is growing and changing into an entertainment and nightlife venue. Sistrunk Marketplace occupies a couple of two-story buildings, originally warehouses, directly across the street from Fort Lauderdale’s FAT Village. This huge building will contain a massive food hall with 14 different food and drink stalls, including an Asian dessert shop, a Japanese noodle place, a coffeehouse, a small distillery, as well as Khoffner Brewery.

Khoffner Brewery is one of the oldest breweries in Fort Lauderdale, and this move signifies a great change for them. They will not only be able to brew their beers in their new 20-barrel brewhouse, but it will also include a bottling plant where they will be able to bottle their own beers. It will also include a much larger taproom where guests can enjoy their German-style lagers, ales and stouts.

We’re excited to see what new items they will have in store for us, as well as their flagship offerings that have made them popular. For more information, visit and keep checking back with us for more information as they get closer to their opening day celebration.

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