Meditate; A Place of Calm in a Storm of Craziness

Did you know there is a place in Wilton Manors where you can learn how to turn the rest of the world off for a moment? The Meditate: School of Mindfulness is located at 1881 NE 26 Street, in the Wilton Plaza. Here, you can practice mindfulness and meditation using a number of different practices, such as sound or energy healing, and you can learn how to lead a more present, centered and balanced life.

Owner Bill Gisclair-Sullivan says “We have created a space that combines comfort with beauty and inspiration. From our custom futon style chairs, to the meditative art, to the amazing sound, we bring a feeling of peace and tranquility to you the moment you walk through the door.”

Their classes are simple. Their “focus is on you” in a safe, comfortable, and tranquil setting that feels like home, without the distractions. They immerse their clients in a guided meditation experience that provides peace, tranquility and balance to the mind, body and spirit. Each week, Bill and his staff offer over 30 different courses and workshops, so whether you are just starting out or deepening your practice, there is something for everyone with a schedule that can suit your needs.

If you are finding yourself needing some peace and tranquility in today’s stressful world, then take the first step and contact Meditate. Check out their class schedules online at and take a course in meditation, art therapy or take yourself to the next level and learn to teach and coach meditation. Follow them on Facebook for updates and more information.

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