The Man In The Mirror; Howard Zucker

Negative body image is developed over a lifetime and changing one’s self image can take time and effort. Howard Zucker’s photographs can be used as a therapeutic tool towards self-discovery and in conjunction with therapy, the images can take on a very powerful meaning.

Every body, every face, every person is unique. There is no one definitive “right” body. However, in today’s world, it is often hard to find someone who doesn’t have body image issues. A photography session with Howard Zucker, whose experience goes back over two decades, the subject will often break down barriers that inhibit self-expression and are very surprised to come away with images that can result in enhanced body image and self-perception.

Many of Howard’s subjects have been heard remarking “I never thought I looked like this!” or “I never thought I could look this good.” According to Howard, the proof is not in the picture, the proof really is in the mirror! His photographs promote a positive self-image and the process can often be extremely healing to those people who may be dealing with wight loss or gain, aging, surgical recuperation, body scarring, eating disorders or addition recovery.

To alter one’s body image, changed perceptions must precede physical changes. The photos taken by Howard are tangible proof that these subjects are no longer the awkward or unappealing people they once thought they were or were led to believe.

Howard photographs his subjects in a very comfortable setting with various poses and differing angles. The session is dictated by the subject, ranging from facial to full-body shots, and from fully clothed to more revealing. The session is 100% private with the added security of a written agreement that the information is confidential and the photographs are for the subject’s sole and exclusive use.

The images are then viewed together and the subject is often amazed and astonished by the images, often times, leading the subject to the discovery that their previous self-impressions may have been distorted. When they see the final results, it can be very gratifying and transformative. They see another side of themselves that they were hiding due to a variety of inhibiting factors.

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