Front Runners Leads the Pack for Over 30 Years!

Besides being a running and walking group, the Front Runners & Front Walkers of Fort Lauderdale (FRWFL) provides a supportive social environment for their members. The club welcomes people from all walks of life and visitors are always welcome to join them on their run/walks. Recently, the FRWFL marked their 30th year in Broward County with a party at the Stonewall Museum on Wilton Drive. The celebration was held on Tuesday, Nov. 19 and members and guests were treated to wine and hors d’ouevres, as well as photos and videos from over the years.

The origins of the group go back to 1974 when Patricia Neal Warren published the book “The Front Runner,” which was a groundbreaking novel about gay love in the sports world. The same year, a group of people came together and formed Lavender U, which was a gay and lesbian association designed for people who wanted to participate in running and track and field events. The group name was then changed to the San Francisco Front Runners and they have grown to have Front Runner groups throughout the United States, including Chicago, New York and Fort Lauderdale. A signed edition of the book “The Front Runner” is on display at the Stonewall Museum & Archives at 2157 Wilton Drive.

On Sunday, Dec. 15, at 7:30am, you can join the Front Runners & Walkers for their annual Jingle Bell Jog, kicking off at DC Alexander Park, at 505 S. Fort Lauderdale Beach Blvd. Members will dress up like Santa or their favorite elf and enjoy a run with fellow reindeer.

You can join this great social organization, either to run, walk or simply volunteer! Each week, they meet on a regular schedule to go for run/walks. You can go for a shorter 3-mile run/walk, or go longer for a 4- or 6-mile run. Their regular meeting schedule is Wednesdays at 7pm at Holiday Park (between the gym and the football fields), Saturdays at 7:30am at the Pride Center, and Sundays at 6pm at Holiday Park. Afterwards, the group often socializes at a local restaurant.

This is not simply a social organization, but the Front Runners & Walkers of Fort Lauderdale is a great way to receive encouragement and incentives to stick to your diet plan or workout routine. For more information about the group, visit or Like them on Facebook.

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